Fueling your Savings- Top Cashback Apps for Petrol in India

The main catchphrase is to save money if possible on everyday costs without lowering the quality of life. We’ll touch on various topics, to save gas. Now, that fuel is available at high prices in India, each of the spenders must try to avoid the additional costs of auto gas. On a positive note, cash-back apps came to the rescue and are now rampantly sought-after because they enable refunds as well as returns users on gas purchases. These fuel-saving apps have the function of cutting down on petrol costs and also providing cash-back rewards that leave you with better and enough savings.

Paytm: The most important quality of Paytm is that it enables users with access to a lot of different products and even services, for instance by giving cash back on buying petrol. To get cashback, the consumers will utilize special PayTM apps when purchasing gas at particular stations. The easiest way is to credit the Paytm wallet(which in turn can be used to pay for some or all of the transaction or transfer it to the bank) if possible. The cashback percentage will not be the same.

PhonePe: Being the digit payment platform of one of India’s high networks, PhonePe allows their users to get cashback on the amount they purchase fuel at fuel stations that are listed as PhonePe partners. People who are in the habit of using a car can either link their bank account or credit/debit cards to the app which will enable them to earn either cashback or they will be helped to recharge their PhonePe wallet.

Google Pay: Unlike the old days when the Google pay rapid interface was considered a newness, it is now widely used for digital transactions that are becoming part of a normal household experience. Now by getting into the habit of scanning QR codes or by using the UPI IDs of the fuel stations you use, you can earn money as you make your payments towards fuel. Such cashback is done as the amount debited to a credit card is reimbursed in the form of direct credit to the bank account linked to my Gpay.

Amazon Pay

The service from Amazon Pay includes cash-back options when purchasing any of the cooperating fuel stations. Pumping the fuel car you can earn money with Amazon pay. Every purchase of fuel using Amazon Pay wallet is eligible for cashback. The cashback is deducted from the Amazon Pay balance that is used for all expenses in deferred payments on the Amazon platform.


However, besides being highly preferred, another popular digital wallet in India, FreeCharge often gives customers cashback offers for their petrol payments made through the app. By linking their bank account, smart card or credit/debit card users can buy fuel, and can be rewarded with cashback that can be spent as credit for future usage with FreeCharge.


A popular name among users on account of its simple interface or the attractive cashback offers on petrol purchases―specific to some gas stations. One of the main applications of the Mobikwik app is paying for diesel with cashback rewards in the form of SuperCash, which can be redeemed on other transactions made on the app.

BPCL PetroMiles

For those using Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) the PetroMiles app brings rewards or cashback for fuel or petrol purchased. Users make Petroleum Points (PetroPoints) for each litre of petrol that they buy and these points can be accumulated and redeemed by purchasing discounts or getting free fuel at the BPCL outlets.

HP Pay

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, aka HPCL, provides lucrative cashback programmes through its HP Pay app. Those who shop at HPCL pumps can expect to earn cashback on their fuel bills using such an app. Whatever cashback the user has is specifically added to their HP Pay wallet and can be used in their future transactions.

Alongside this main role, various other apps dedicated to cashback and digital wallets may sometimes arrange for small savings exclusively for you if you fill up at any of these fuel providers. Users should look around and check the differences as well as the conditions on which one app will have the highest cashback rate in comparison to another app before deciding which one to use on fuel purchases.

In addition to these major players, several other cashback apps and digital wallets in India may offer occasional promotions or tie-ups with fuel retailers to provide savings on petrol purchases. Users need to explore various options and compare cashback rates and terms before deciding which app to use for fuel transactions.

Before using any cashback app or digital wallet for petrol purchases, users should ensure the security of their transactions and verify the authenticity of the app. It’s advisable to download apps only from official app stores and to be cautious of phishing attempts or fraudulent activities.


Cashback apps have revolutionized the way Indians save money on petrol purchases, offering convenience and rewards for digital transactions. By leveraging these apps, users can fuel their vehicles while simultaneously fueling their savings, making every trip to the petrol pump a rewarding experience.

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